Tomorrow we will be going to the National Mall! YAY!

A few things

1) There will be 2 bus trips. Check which Bus you are on below.

2) Your GOCard does not work at the National Mall. You must bring real US Money or a credit card on the trip.

3) It is going to be 105 degrees Fahrenheit tomorrow. You will be spending time outside. Figure out what you need to bring that helps you survive the heat. Drink lots of water!

4) You will be in a group with a staff member who you will check in with in the morning, lunch time, and getting back on the bus. During your sight seeing at the National Mall you are free to roam in groups of 3 or more.

5) If you have not done so already, program Karina's phone number into your phone. It is 661 433 0442.

6) It might be smart to Google the National Mall with your friends tonight and make a game plan for tomorrow. It is a big place. You will not be able to see everything. Figure out what is the most important to you before you get there so you don't waste time.

7) Roll Call will occur with the staff members assigned to you when you get downstairs. You do not need to come downstairs at 8am.

Bus 1 and 2 Departing from outside Epicurean at 9:30am. Please be downstairs at 9:15.
Hoya Spartan- Sharon and Anushka
Harrigan/Murillo/Arsht- Taylor and Parisa
Sharp/Engler- Tyler

Bus 3 and 4 Departing from outside Epicurean at 10:00am. Please be downstairs at 9:45
Mahoney/Gannon/Varney- Holden and Azhar
Paul/Duffy/Allen- Ellis and Akshay
Hammond/Vale/McElhinney- Colin