Hayley Hopkins
Atlanta, GA

1. I don't own a pair of white socks.
False 2. My natural hair is lighter.
3. I woke up during surgery.

Suraj Seghal
Atlanta, GA

1. I've played piano since K.
2. I like alt rock.
False 3. I broke 2000 on SAT.

Jon Sussman
New Trier
Chicago, IL

1. I only wear hiking socks if I wear socks.
False 2. When I was at The Globe in England, the player spit on me.
3. On a canoeing trip, I got sea-planed on boundary waters.

Noah Goetz
St. Mark's
Dallas, TX

False 1. I like to snowboard.
2. I fix my own bikes.
3. I don't have an appendix.

Andrew Spomer
Dallas, TX

1. I've been to New York.
2. I've been to North Carolina.
False 3. I've been to South Carolina.

Meredith Anguiera
Miami, FL

1. I've played basketball for six years.
2. I've been to Miami Beach over 10 times.
False 3. I own more than five pairs of flip flops.

Arjun Gupta
Dallas, TX

1. I have flown to India over 10 times.
False 2. I've been to every continent except Antarctica.
3. I've driven more than 16 hours non-stop.

Michael McCue
Pine Crest
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

False 1. My entire family on Dad's side is police officers.
2. I have six grandparents.
3. I hung out with Governor Mark Sanford after affair scandal.

Theo N.
Niles West
Skokie, IL

1. I have three brothers and no sisters.
False 2. My favorite sport to watch is NBA basketball.
3. I won a piano competition in elementary school.

Alex Duner
College Park, GA

False 1. I have been to Disneyland over 15 times.
2. I need to have jaw surgery.
3. I have been to two World Series game sevens.

Yo Yo Xu
Berkeley Prep
Tampa, FL

False 1. I've never been out of country.
2. I've never broken a bone.
3. I was born outside the U.S.

Hemanth Sanjeev
Stratford Academy
Macon, GA

False 1. I've seen a grizzly bear in real life.
2. I've already lost my room key.
3. I have William Shatner's autograph.

Zach Burdette

1. Once ate nothing but crepes for two days straight.
False 2. I've never been out of country.
3. I used to play water polo, fencing, and wrestling before debate.

Atlanta, GA

False 1. I own one teal v-neck.
2. Strawberry Fanta is my favorite soda.
3. I fell off a boat into a lake.

Zoi Rosado
Atlanta, GA

1. I have over 40 family members on four continents.
False 2. I am fluent or conversational in five languages.
3. I was bald as a baby.

Anastasia K.
Bronx Science
Bronx, NY

1. I've danced or done gymnastics for 12 years.
False 2. English was my first language.
3. I sat next to players on the NY soccer team.

Bobby Shaw
Glenbrook South
Chicago, IL

1. In the span of two weeks, I caught 100 lizards at age 10.
2. I am the co-owner of a business.
False 3. I have never parasailed.

Jordan Epstein
Pace Academy
Atlanta, GA

False 1. I am a Miami Heat fan.
2. I've played six different sports.
3. I've never broken a bone.

Kevin Fortune
Milwaukee, WI

False 1. I have shaken hands with Putin.
2. A close relative of mine is an Army ranger.
3. My brother is a mutant.

Kieran Green
Iowa City City
Iowa City, IA

1. I have attended school in Australia.
2. I have an unhealthy affinity for V-necks.
False 3. I used Baudrillard for my ACT essay.

Christi K.
Atlanta, GA

False 1. I'm half-greek.
2. I have worn the same sneakers since 5th grade.
3. I've had braces twice.

Elsa Givan
College Prep
Oakland, CA

1. I used to live in Washington, DC.
False 2. I was born in Canada.
3. I have been a vegetarian since I was four.

Victor Skenderi
Pace Academy
Atlanta, GA

1. I'm Albanian.
False 2. I've been bungee jumping in South Africa.
3. I've climbed a waterfall in Jamaica.

Karthik S.
Atlanta, GA

1. I've gone snowboarding, white water rafting, and zip lining.
2. I've had my head shaved in India.
False 3. I can name the fifty states backwards.

Hirsh S.
Blake School
Minneapolis, MN

1. Only concert I've ever been to is Christian Rock.
False 2. My brother beats me at basketball.
3. I once had crayfish as a pet, but just for one night.

Catherine Sun
Minneapolis, MN

False 1. I was born abroad.
2. I am responsible for lots of deaths of animals.
3. I have two uncles in the Communist Party in China.

Kendall W.
New Trier
Chicago, IL

1. My mom teaches my friends and came to debate class every day.
2. I've never been out of country.
False 3. I have a scar on my lip from McDonald's.

Minneapolis, MN

1. I have three chickens until the city took them away.
2. I eat KFC once per month.
False 3. I wore a KFC chicken suit for Halloween this year.

Nick Yan
College Prep
Oakland, CA

1. My relay teams own two school records.
False 2. I became a certified lifeguard.
3. I own an autographed pair of Stephen Curry's shoes.

Gordon K.
New Trier
Chicago, IL

1. I broke my ankle playing basketball with people half my age and half my height.
False 2. I've never had a job.
3. Everyone pronounces my last name wrong.

Amy Tan
Eden Prairie

1. I was invited to Maria Liu's wedding.
False 2. I ate weird things in China.
3. I have a scar on my foot from a tape dispenser.

Rennie Pasquinelli
Birmingham, MI

1. I don't play golf but I like watching it.
False 2. My favorite animal is a jellyfish.
3. My fingers on my right hand are smaller than on my left hand.