Day 1
Topic lecture
Research - Find a solvency advocate

Day 2
Topicality mini debate
Debating paperless lecture
Cite check
Research - Find an advantage to the plan you found a solvency advocate for

Day 3
Prep for evening debate
Practice Debate 1

Day 4
Debrief last nights debate
Debating the communicative rationality K
Politics lecture/mini debates
Discuss new research possibilities/pick new aff's to work on
Divide into new research groups

Day 5
Economic stimulus minidebates
Block writing lecture
Debating the case lecture
Prep for evening debate
Practice debate 2

Day 6
Research tips lecture
When to slow down lecture?
Nate Cohn lecture

Day 7
Voluntary lab 11 am (redos, ask any question you have)
Electives #1 and #2

Day 8
Practice Debate
Neg Strategy with Matt Fisher

Day 9
Debating new aff's
4 hours of "beating the K" lecture/discussion with Gabe Murillo
Mandatory fun in the evening

Day 10
Prep for practice debate
Practice debate

Day 11
Perms/competition lecture
Prep for practice debate
Practice debate
Debating theory against the states counterplan
Discussing the public-private partnership counterplan

Day 12
Field trip to DC
Discussing the national investment bank

Day 13
Prep for interlab debates
interlab debates
debrief interlab debates
Free market lecture/discussion

Day 14
Sleep in day
Impact calculus lecture
Mini lectures:
Evidence comparison
Pulling an upset
Consequentialism v Deontology